My Little Red Jalopy: What Is It and Why Should Your Kids Care?

It’s time I began writing children’s book reviews for a few different reasons:
1. My dad’s an author of children’s books. I need to be his favorite child so I can get both dollars in his will.
2. I’m a new mom that reads oodles and oodles of children’s books.
3. Children’s books are short and so is my attention span.

I’ve discovered upon diving into this mysterious world of children’s literature that kid’s books are usually boring and astonishingly stupid. They’re marketed cash grabs preying on tired parents desperate to make their children simultaneously quieter and more intelligent. Met any toddlers recently? Are they either of those things? No.

Not all children’s books are awful. Every once in a while I stumble on a good one. This is a good one:

“My Little Red Jalopy” by Leanna Craig Lebato – dedicated to “the Best Neighbor In The World”.51zOn1SlxLL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

What exactly is a Jalopy? Read the book to find out. I’m hoping it becomes one of my son’s current 5 words; “Daddy” “Doggy” “Cookie” “Coffee”… “Jalopy”.  Notice that Mommy is missing. He said it once in passing but it’s been replaced with yelling and pointing. Adorable.

He won’t be getting either of the 2$ in MY will.

My Little Red Jalopy has recently been awarded 5 stars from ATAI. It’s a sweet story about a girl who is given a used toy car and the adventures she and her dog, Jammin experience during the summer.  Jammin has to be the best dog name I’ve ever heard.

The book takes a dark turn when the little red Jalopy breaks beyond repair. Even Jammin, my favorite character is depressed. However, the “best neighbor in the world” is able to fix her favorite toy with a lawn mower engine.

Read this book to your child if:
You want them to say the word “jalopy” for kicks.
You want to remember a better world, without safety approved toys.
You want your child to be smarter and cooler than the other kids at your moms group.
You want them to learn the value of recycling and repairing things.
You are sick of reading about numbers, colors, animal noises or whiny kids with entitlement issues.

My sister, Amanda reading to her son, Oliver.



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