Compassion Sunday: Bregard’s Story

Asking for prayer! I’m sharing this again! My friend with cancer mentioned in this blog had major surgery on his lungs this week and I’m asking for prayer for complete healing, strength, rest and peace for he and his family! Please be praying!


IMAG0002_COVER-1-1 Selfie – courtesy of Bregard..IMAG0001_COVERBregards selfie…

This Sunday at our church is Compassion Sunday (For more information visit Compassion International).

Last week I was able to visit my family’s compassion child, Bregard in Port au Prince, Haiti. As we drove out to his house we passed a place where the body of my friend’s brother  was left on the street only a few days before. It’s a bad area. I couldn’t help but think, “How close does Bregard live to here?”.

Byron, our friend who’s lived in Haiti for 7 years told us this was the same route he used to take to drop off the trash at the dump. He quit taking it there after a gang started making him pay to use the road. He said if the truck would stop on the street people would climb into the back of the truck and start going through the…

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2 thoughts on “Compassion Sunday: Bregard’s Story

  1. Thank you for sharing about your compassion family. I’ve not heard of ‘Compassion Sunday’ before this. It sounds a little like World Vision’s adopt a child program with a Mennonite perspective.


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